Private Label Solutions

Products can be labeled with customer logo, product code and contact information.

Rest assured that shipping is third party blind and there will be no detection back to GSS as the manufacturer. We honor all volume commitments. Low volume commitments are available.

Our Customer

Clients benefit from long term relationships with Green Stream Solutions.
Our GSS’ team of experts completes a detailed technical analysis of your needs. Based on the findings, we offer an array solutions including: cost effective formulations and comparable chemistries, toll blending, custom designed products, private labeling, and logistics that are specific to your requirements. Customers trust GSS to provide continual solutions for changing needs.

Our People

The GSS management team offers over 80 years of experience worldwide in up, mid, and downstream energy industries. Our staff includes petroleum engineers and chemists that provide real time technical information and support. Have the facts necessary to make critical business decisions. Take advantage of Green Stream Solutions expertise.

Our Business

Over forty years of experience in custom manufacturing, toll blending, processing and distribution of bulk industrial strength oil field chemicals and dry polymers makes Green Stream Solutions a knowledgeable partner. Customers benefit from multiple manufacturing and staging locations strategically placed in active shale formations. Customers are served in a timely fashion and on a convenient basis that support their schedules.